Get Prepared for Technical Interviews

Get prepared for your first job interview. Practice programming and algorithm questions.

Prepare. Practice. Progress.

Whether you're entering the workforce, transitioning careers, or chasing that promotion, our coaches will guide you and set you up for success. Our team of experts is standing by to provide you with one on one coaching, insider information, and a tailored interview plan for the job you want. With us, you're in good hands.

With our coaching and mock interviews you can practice your skills in a controlled environment while lowering your stress levels and anxiety. Get meaningful feedback to improve your results and find out what employers are looking for. Tailor your approach to the job you want and the company you want to work for.

Our coaches have hundreds of hours of experience working in the field and gaining practical experience interviewing candidates from entry level to seasoned veteran. Our interview preparation program and tailored coaching will prepare you for every step towards your dream job. Let us help you head into your next interview with confidence and authority.

Applicant Screening Interviews

With a great resume you are sure to get a phone call from the recruitment team in the Human Resources Department. How you conduct yourself during that phone call will determine if you are considered for the job. Learn what to say and what to avoid in that important first interview and find out what recruiters want to hear. Don't waste your chance to shine.

Technical Screening Interviews

Passing the initial applicant screening process will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to a team of subject matter experts. Our coaching programs are designed for candidates at all levels including co-op, junior, intermediate, senior, and architect. Our career coaching experts will assess your proficiency and help you brush up on the technical fundamentals of your CS field.

Our coaches are ready to assist you in preparing for your technical interview. Our one on one coaching plans are tailored to your needs and can be adapted to all specialties including React, Ember, Rails, Swift, NodeJS, Mongo, Python, Objective-C, Android, iOS, Xamarin, Machine Learning, AI, Java, CSS, and HTML.

Coding Interviews

The next step to your new CS job will require a technical coding interview. Our team will groom you for interview questions on topics such as security, networking, and operating system concepts. Our coaches will provide you with insider tips on technical concepts such as Big O notation and will aid you in developing strategies for solving programming and algorithm questions. Our meaningful feedback will help you improve your game until you are ready for that interview.

Culture Fit

The final step on your journey will require an assessment to judge if you fit well within the team. Don't let your nerves put all your hard work to waste. Our coaches will help you tailor your approach for the job as well as the company. With our help you will walk in assured that you have the best answers to demonstrate your comparability with organizational core values. Let us help you build your confidence and teach you how to let your personality sparkle.